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December 20, 2015

Ghost-of goes Social.

July 27, 2013
Ghost-of and Ghost-trains now have their own Facebook pages. I decided to do this some considerable time ago, as the changes that the websites are undergoing will reach a far greater audience via Facebook. Thanks to the wonders of Social Networking, the project as a whole is now getting around 2,500 visitors in a month, so it is no bad thing.

The pages are at: for Ghost-trains

and for Ghost-of

All fut...
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Shoreham Cement Works trek.

September 19, 2011
The page for Shoreham Cement Works is now up and running. The photos are all there, but the commentary needs to be completed - TBA.

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Forum Links appearing domain-wide.

September 19, 2011
There is now a link to the ghost-of Forum on on every single page within ghost-of. I've also been through most of the pages correcting alignment and spelling mistakes.

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Fault finding update

September 13, 2011
1. The Blog is hideously out of date and needs to be brought up to the minute. I've got to try and remember to put a heads-up on the blog when I do anything on here - it's just that there's so much to do and after large bouts of major geekery and programming, I usually forget to stick what I've been doing into the Blog page as well.

2. Future Projects is so far out of date it defies belief. Most of the stuff we were planning to do back then has been done plus several locations not even listed!...
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General changes, new locations and Fault finding progress

September 13, 2011
Yet again it looks like I haven't been on here for months, but there has been so much going on that I haven't been able to list it all in the blog!

2 New locations have been added, uploaded, photographed and commented on - Surbiton Hospital and the Shoreham Cement Works. They are both fantastic locations and I'm particularly happy with the photographs.

We have also been on this year's first railway trek - Shoreham to Steyning (Downslink) Railway. This ties in and will be linked to the report on...
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General changes and new reports.

March 25, 2011
Latest Hellingly report completed (Feb 2011), pictures, pans and commentary completed.

Latest trip to West Park is 60% complete. Pictures, pans, photos all uploaded, commentary is 60% complete. Video footage has still to be uploaded to Youtube for inclusion into the report.

Future Projects updated

The process of includuing a downloadable version of the Panoramic software  has started. I am currently trying to find a freeware version of this software and a licence that allows me to share it onlin...
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General additions and updates

February 21, 2011
Ghost-of domain paid for for another year up to March 2012.

West Park 4 The Tunnel Tour photos uploaded, pans constructed, photos enhanced and fixed, page constructed, commentary constructed, links placed and checked - all okay. Link placed in Places.

Pillbox tour photos stitched, processed, enhanced and placed in File Manager pending page production. No location info will be given due to the delicate nature of the structures along with their geographical situation being largely in people's ga...
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Error Fixing

December 3, 2010
1/    Failed and missing video links removed from "Hellingly - a Grand Day Out".
2/    Failed and missing video links removed from "The Great Hall".
3/    Intro placed in "Ascent of the Water Tower".

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New Stuff!

December 3, 2010
After another embarassingly long gap of almost 3 monts, it looks, again, as though I have been doing nothing! But, as usual, we know that's not true because a great deal of stuff has been going on behind the scenes and it's usually the case that after a late night compressing and stitching images and putting them in order in a folder and associated pages on here, I'm often barely able to keep my eyes open, let alone create a blog entry. So, now I have to play catch up!

Right! What have we been...
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About the Project Coordinator

ghost aka: Loz Russell Ninja photographer, editor, web designer, programmer and the maniac who started all this off in the first place almost a decade ago! I just can't let this project slip because I feel so strongly about the complacency of the people of the UK in their need to destroy, remove and replace perfectly serviceable buildings (albeit with a little care and attention to detail). Most of these buildings could be pressed easily into alternative useage and easily modernised rather than replaced, such is the strength and longevity of Victorian Architecture. Where most of today's structures have a life of just 35 years at the very most, The Victorians considered that their creations were the last word in construction and would be there for a very long time to come. So, when they disappear or are threatened with removal as so many of the abandoned structures in this project are/were, it is nice to have some sort of record of them, hence the undeniable purpose of my crusade.