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West Park & Cane Hill

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Monday, November 30, 2009, In : ghost-of 
Pages on West Park Asylum have begun. A page of external shots and a map page have been put together as well as a potted history and the now ubiquitous transport buttons. I am compressing the image files as they are being placed in the page and deleting images that aren't being used , also images that are used in an associated panoramic sequence.

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West Park & Cane Hill

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Friday, November 27, 2009, In : ghost-of 
The photos from the trek have been downloaded to the PC, panoramic shots have been stitched and processed and the photos of the day uploaded into appropriate folders on the File Manager, pending production of pages. Single photos that make up the stitched results have been removed from the site to keep the loading on the data limit to a minimum.

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Cuckoo Line Trek page

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Wednesday, November 25, 2009, In : ghost-of 
The page is now complete.

Link added for Subbrit about Mayfield Station
Link moved for Nick's page on the trek
Link added for the New Inn in Hadlow Down - it was a top place and I think we should tell more people about it!
Link added about THAT panorama! New page constructed explaining how there happened to be 2 Grants.

Commentary completed.
More Transport buttons have been added at various points across the project.
Ghost-of and Ghost-trains home pages editted to highlight need for contributions t...
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Royal Alexandra Hospital Trek

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, In : ghost-of 
The commentary has been completed, typo's fixed and glitches fixed. The page is now complete, pending compression of image files in due course.

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Cuckoo Line Trek

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Thursday, November 12, 2009, In : ghost-of 
Sunday's pictures have been edited, the panoramics have been stitched and the pics uploaded to a folder on ghost-of pending production of the page. Watch this space.

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General Website changes & upgrades

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Monday, November 9, 2009, In : Update for site building. 
1. Future projects has been checked and updated
2. Comments boxes adde to Hollingdean homepage
3. Transport buttons added to Hollingdean homepage
4. Transport buttons added to ghost-trains homepage
5. Transport buttons added to Devil's Dyke homepage
6. Transport buttons added into Future projects
7. Links to new Kemptown Railway website updated and replaced in all websites.

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Updates to Devil's Dyke Railway Website

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Friday, November 6, 2009, In : devils dyke railway website 
Edited Devil's Dyke Homepage to include new site address for Kemptown Railway site, links back to ghost-trains and ghost-of homepages and put in contact us option.

Have installed transport buttons into the site and included these into links on the homepage.

Load-up speed on this website is very slow, so in due course, I will determine the optimum picture size and set about resizing the pictures in order to mainimise upload time.

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Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital page on ghost-of

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Monday, November 2, 2009, In : ghost-of 
This has been onging for a while now, but I have finished constructing all the panoramic shots and all the pics are now on ghost-of.

The page construction is finished with all pictures in place and work on installing the comments into Trip2 has started.

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About the Project Coordinator

ghost aka: Loz Russell Ninja photographer, editor, web designer, programmer and the maniac who started all this off in the first place almost a decade ago! I just can't let this project slip because I feel so strongly about the complacency of the people of the UK in their need to destroy, remove and replace perfectly serviceable buildings (albeit with a little care and attention to detail). Most of these buildings could be pressed easily into alternative useage and easily modernised rather than replaced, such is the strength and longevity of Victorian Architecture. Where most of today's structures have a life of just 35 years at the very most, The Victorians considered that their creations were the last word in construction and would be there for a very long time to come. So, when they disappear or are threatened with removal as so many of the abandoned structures in this project are/were, it is nice to have some sort of record of them, hence the undeniable purpose of my crusade.