New Developments in General

September 17, 2010
Now I know everyone thinks I've been sitting on me arse since June, but that's not happened! Things have been remarkably hectic here at ghost-trains. Here is a rundown of what's been going on:

I ran out of space on "ghost-of" at the end of July, so I bit the bullet and expanded the site domain, so we now have potentially 25 times as much storage space available!! That should keep us raving for a while...

A new "skin" has been purchased for "ghost-of" and I think the new brickwork look fits in beautifully with the whole ethos of the site, whilst suggesting an excellent link to the architectural aspects of our art that we love so much.

We have been on a few more monthly checkups to Hellingly and these are starting to come together gradually now that we have space to add them into the website. The photos for June, July and August's visits have been uploaded into their appropriate folders in "ghost-of". The June page has been fully populated with photos today and the main crux of the commentary has begun. I have to go into it in due course and input the comments for each photograph where appropriate.

We have had another trek in the last month, this time returning to The Cuckoo Trail and covering the Heathfield Tunnel and a short stretch of the track between Hellingly and Horam, particularly around Hellingly Station and the area where the Hellingly Tramway joined the main trackbed. A page for this will be created in due course, the pictures uploaded and the commentary prepared while I can still vaguely remember what we got up to that day...

There have been a few items in the local newspaper about The Astoria Bingo Hall in the Old Steine. This is a beautiful building sporting many art deco features. It is looking increasingly as though this building may be up for the chop soon as there have been hints made of redevelopment. To this end, I have begun the process of attempting to get in contact with the selling ageny Graves Jenkins, in the hope that we might be able to thoroughly photograph the place before anything bad happens to it. This is work in progress and still in the formative stages, but I hope to have some good reesults soon, as at this stage things look quite positive.

More treks appear on ghost-of

June 23, 2010
We've been on some more treks! There have been 2 more to Hellingly and one to a completely new location: Runwell Hospital in Essex.

As a result, I have spent the last 3 weeks collating and sorting out Panoramas and sorting out and improving pictures from these treks, which is a complicated and highly time consuming process.

I have uploaded the images into 3 new folders in the File Manager, pending production of pages for these treks.

We in the ghost-of team have agreed that we will be returning ...
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Some new developments! At last!

May 4, 2010
After a month or so of deglitching and messing around doing little bits and pieces, we got our heads together and got back out there! We have had 3 very successful treks this month: 2 to Hellingly Lunatic Asylum and one to West Park Lunatic Aylum. We were always a little unsure about going back out to Hellingly and West Park, because we had heard so much about the places being locked down, overly secure and numerous arrests made. However, we just couldn't help our curiosity and figured that, ...
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The Cuckoo Line Treks Stage2

March 19, 2010
New page generated about the 2nd stage of the Cuckoo Line trek between Heathfield and Markham Wood / Colytons Farm.
Pictures uploaded to new folder within "Cuckoo folder"
Panoramic stitches generated and uploaded
Links back to Stage1 created
Links to other pages/New Inn page created
Commentary inserted and page complete.

New webpage created for The New Inn at Hadlow Down

Photos, comments and Links created and inserted into page body.

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West Park Lunatic Asylum 2nd visit

March 3, 2010
A page has been generated for the 2nd visit to West Park
Photos of the visit have been uploaded to the website
Panoramics have been stitched and uploaded
Video footage has been uploaded to Youtube
Youtube links posted into the West Park 2 page
Some comments have been added to the page

"Meet the team" page updated and revised.
Index start page for ghost-of updated and revised.

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New bits in Brighton Works

February 23, 2010
New photos of OneBrighton development uploaded to the site.

New comments added into various sections of the site.

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Upgrades to Brighton Works

February 5, 2010
New photos of OneBrighton Uploaded to the OneBrighton page, stitched and inserted into page where appropriate.
New commentary added to OneBrighton

New page added to the Redevelopment Tab: A then & now page has been created
Photos compared, found, time aligned and uploaded with dates of capture.

I have found a glitch in the Kemptown redirection page, which was stopping access to the kemptown website. This now works fine, so people can got to Kemptown from within ghost-trains.

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Upgrades to the Hellingly Asylum section

January 11, 2010
2 new pages installed in the Hellingly Lunatic Asylum section (which I have been sadly neglecting recently and it needs a bit of TLC).

1. page created for the Acute Block
2. photo sequence from Nokia N70 arranged
3. photo sequence from Nokia N73 arranged
4. photos from both sources cross referenced and a final sequence order has been faithfully created
5. photos uploaded to the File Editor
6. some photos have been compressed, but not all
7. Panoramic shots arranged and uploaded
8. Panoramics inserted...
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Mixed Updates and Additions to Pages

January 8, 2010

1. Hints and Tips tab inserted at top of homepage
2. Hints and Tips page constructed with links to sub-pages
3. Preperation & research sub-page constructed
4. Clothing & Equipment sub-page constructed
5. On Site sub-page constructed
6. Links inserted into sub-pages to redirect to auxilliary websites
7. Jpeg images installed into sub-pages, compressed and resized

8. West Park page sets updated and expanded with more pictures
9. Pictures for West Park compressed and resized in File Manager an...
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General improvements & Additions

December 25, 2009
New Transport Buttons designed and uploaded into website. These are page specific and topic specific, so have been produced from scratch. Transport Buttons introduced to more pages.

Transport Buttons Help page updated.

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About the Project Coordinator

ghost aka: Loz Russell Ninja photographer, editor, web designer, programmer and the maniac who started all this off in the first place almost a decade ago! I just can't let this project slip because I feel so strongly about the complacency of the people of the UK in their need to destroy, remove and replace perfectly serviceable buildings (albeit with a little care and attention to detail). Most of these buildings could be pressed easily into alternative useage and easily modernised rather than replaced, such is the strength and longevity of Victorian Architecture. Where most of today's structures have a life of just 35 years at the very most, The Victorians considered that their creations were the last word in construction and would be there for a very long time to come. So, when they disappear or are threatened with removal as so many of the abandoned structures in this project are/were, it is nice to have some sort of record of them, hence the undeniable purpose of my crusade.