Yet again it looks like I haven't been on here for months, but there has been so much going on that I haven't been able to list it all in the blog!

2 New locations have been added, uploaded, photographed and commented on - Surbiton Hospital and the Shoreham Cement Works. They are both fantastic locations and I'm particularly happy with the photographs.

We have also been on this year's first railway trek - Shoreham to Steyning (Downslink) Railway. This ties in and will be linked to the report on Shoreham Cement Works.

I have also initiated a Forum to be linked to ghost-of to allow other Urbexers to upload their reports a la 28DL. This is a slow and arduous process and will take a few more months to perfect.

I have also made provision for any Panoramic Shots on ghost-of or ghost-trains to be viewed in a 3 dimensional environment, enabling people to see the places we visited as though they were actually there with us at the time. This is very exciting as no other Urbex website has anything like this available. It does, however, necessitate the provision of a library of source images for the locations we have been to and these will have to be put together, again over a long period of time. The 3D viewer software (Photovista 3.0) is available on a 15 day trial as freeware and a link for this has been programmed into the site in the last 4 months.

I am slowly catching up with reports that are beyond their production date and I am aware that a few of them haven't been completed, so I'm keeping tabs on it all and gradually tidying up loose ends and things as I go along.