After another embarassingly long gap of almost 3 monts, it looks, again, as though I have been doing nothing! But, as usual, we know that's not true because a great deal of stuff has been going on behind the scenes and it's usually the case that after a late night compressing and stitching images and putting them in order in a folder and associated pages on here, I'm often barely able to keep my eyes open, let alone create a blog entry. So, now I have to play catch up!

Right! What have we been up to?

1/    Our monthly visits to Hellingly have been going very well and whilst the photos have been Photoshopped, stitched, uploaded and placed in easily retrievable folders, it's a lot of info to put together.

The work on the site has slowed down a bit as the centre of the site is now clear and we don't think they'll start splitting the rest of it into individual blocks until the weather improves (there's currently a foot of snow outside at the time of writing), so the gaps between our visits have been slightly longer than a month the last 2 visits. The site is totally open now, so it is better for us to go at weekends as access is excellent and we have free reign over the entire site, but it is getting difficult to get everyone together at weekends due to differing work patterns.

I am currently in the process of cataloguing similar views of locations over the time scale we have been visiting in order to try and put together a "Then & Now" page for Hellingly. There is a lot of contention surrounding this, as it is quite harrowing for some members to see the differences to the site. We will do it, though, because I think it needs to be done. And I'm the boss. So there.

2/     Our Trek to The Cuckoo line for the 3rd installment has been uploaded, compiled, commentary applied and it's out there ready to view.

3/    I have recently been through the who of the ghost-of project and thoroughly tested all the links and parts of the site including videos and external software modules. There are plenty of faults and things which I think could be improved!

One of the problems I am encountering (and having considerable trouble dealing with) is where some members of the team have reconfigured their Youtube accounts, bits of Video footage have disappeared. In one case, they have been removed altogether, which I am remarkably pissed off about. In this instance, I am being forced to remove key footage from my website, which has taken a huge amount of time and effort to program and install.

I am currently attempting to locate the video footage lost in other instances and re-establish the links to their new locations. All faults will be ticked off the list and detailed (hopefully) in the Blog, as and when I can deal with them.

I have also noticed that any comments left on the ghost-of website in the comments boxes don't appear! This is because they are in black, on a black background, which is fucking stupid, really. I haven't found a way round this one yet and it is going to require a bit of thought, as changing the background means drastically altering the entire website. Having paid out for the lovely brickwork background, it would be a shame not to be able to use it because all the comments left are sodding invisible...!!!