1. The Blog is hideously out of date and needs to be brought up to the minute. I've got to try and remember to put a heads-up on the blog when I do anything on here - it's just that there's so much to do and after large bouts of major geekery and programming, I usually forget to stick what I've been doing into the Blog page as well.

2. Future Projects is so far out of date it defies belief. Most of the stuff we were planning to do back then has been done plus several locations not even listed! eg: we did the Fruit and Veg market 3 months ago...!

3. There's no link to the UKU ghost-of/ghost-trains Forum from either of the main websites. This is incredibly important as it would allow people to cut and paste their own reports together and upload them to the forum, rather than having to do them in ghost-of's native YOLA compatible format.

4. Problems with PayPal account found inside "Make a Donation". Has to be manually authorised and cannot see how to change this yet. Work in Progress here.

5. "Contact us" often no longer works as I have a new Email address. I will have to now go through every page with this feature and change it.

6. Edit "Future Visits" - it's massively out of date.

7. Link to Maplins Electronics website not present in "Clothing & Equipment"

8. "How Levers Work" isn't present in "on site". The video is no longer available. Need to find a new video or explanation on Wikipaedia etc.

9. Spacing of page breaks in "On Site" and "Things to Watch out for Inside".

10. Donate Now button doesn't have an attached link in "ghost-of goes 3D"

11. Need to commence the "ghost-of Panoramics Library" - just HTML links there at present with a 404 not found warning....!