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Upgrades to the Hellingly Asylum section

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Monday, January 11, 2010, In : Hellingly section 
2 new pages installed in the Hellingly Lunatic Asylum section (which I have been sadly neglecting recently and it needs a bit of TLC).

1. page created for the Acute Block
2. photo sequence from Nokia N70 arranged
3. photo sequence from Nokia N73 arranged
4. photos from both sources cross referenced and a final sequence order has been faithfully created
5. photos uploaded to the File Editor
6. some photos have been compressed, but not all
7. Panoramic shots arranged and uploaded
8. Panoramics inserted...
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Mixed Updates and Additions to Pages

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Friday, January 8, 2010, In : Update for site building. 

1. Hints and Tips tab inserted at top of homepage
2. Hints and Tips page constructed with links to sub-pages
3. Preperation & research sub-page constructed
4. Clothing & Equipment sub-page constructed
5. On Site sub-page constructed
6. Links inserted into sub-pages to redirect to auxilliary websites
7. Jpeg images installed into sub-pages, compressed and resized

8. West Park page sets updated and expanded with more pictures
9. Pictures for West Park compressed and resized in File Manager an...
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About the Project Coordinator

ghost aka: Loz Russell Ninja photographer, editor, web designer, programmer and the maniac who started all this off in the first place almost a decade ago! I just can't let this project slip because I feel so strongly about the complacency of the people of the UK in their need to destroy, remove and replace perfectly serviceable buildings (albeit with a little care and attention to detail). Most of these buildings could be pressed easily into alternative useage and easily modernised rather than replaced, such is the strength and longevity of Victorian Architecture. Where most of today's structures have a life of just 35 years at the very most, The Victorians considered that their creations were the last word in construction and would be there for a very long time to come. So, when they disappear or are threatened with removal as so many of the abandoned structures in this project are/were, it is nice to have some sort of record of them, hence the undeniable purpose of my crusade.