A random assortment of

Hellingly's famous Corridors.

Please note that these photos are in numerical order and do not follow any path through the building. Locational commentary is provided in some places.

As less than 5% of the original buildings will be used in the redevelopment, this serves purely as a record of what was once there.

ABOVE: This location is on the ground floor between the Chief Mwdical Superintendent's Lodge to the left and The Main Corridor to the right. The Main Hall is also to the right, just beyond The Main Corridor.

ABOVE: This location is at the end of the corridor leading into the Nurses Accomodation Block, which is the 3 storey block which stands directly opposite The Chapel, across The Drive.

ABOVE & BELOW: This corridor ran between the wards on the frontage (adjacent to the Chief Medical Superintendent's Lodge) and The Hall. The Hall appears on the right hand side in both photos.

BELOW: Main Corridor with Hall on left.

ABOVE: Main Corridor with access to Western End of the Main Hall through the doorway (hence MH on the door).

ABOVE: Corridor near base of The Water Tower

ABOVE: Hellingly was positively busy with explorers this day (24/05/2009, seen in background)! SimonDaFotografa checks his (doubtless stunning) results...

ABOVE: Where next?!! There used to be so much of this place to see, we needed a map to work our way round it (sigh).... Agents from left to right: Etherlow, Skyframe, SimonDaFotografa, Holmbush & Kaptain Klutz.

ABOVE: Corridor in the now demolished Acute Block.

ABOVE & BELOW: Main Corridor at western end of Man Hall, with Hall on the left.