As well as a staggering amount

to see above ground, Hellingly

also has a huge network of

tunnels below it's surface.

ABOVE: Access into the Tunnels is usually from the bottoms of stairwells. This lead to quite a large number of false starts, as seen in the photo! Some of the staircases just had little storage areas under them - Agent Skyframe thinks they might be Naughty Cupboards for badly behaved Loonies...!!

ABOVE & BELOW: These 2 shots are of a little tunnel we found, just off of the Boiler Room. They caught ghost's eye because the floor level didn't correspond to anything else in the viscinity and some of the gear inside the enterance (seen through the removed soil) gives it the appearence of ROC or military equipment. Possibly an Air Raid Shelter? Who knows.


ABOVE: The easiest and most direct way to get into the service tunnels is via a small flight of stairs in the base of the Water Tower. This takes you down behind the descaling machine, the pipework and tank of which is seen to the left above. From there a small flight of stairs leads into the tunnels proper, seen far right in the photo above. 

BELOW: One of the more inaccessible parts of the tunnels, due to the proliferation of small water pipes. You would have to be a remarkably accomplished contortionist to negotiate this little lot! The loops seen in the centre of the photo are where some of the copper pipes have been removed by unscrupulous thieves for scrap value.

ABOVE: One of the slightly more navigable corridors, still punctuated at odd intervals and heights by various pipes which we needed to either climb over like hurdles or duck under (with limited success as the following video shows!!)

ABOVE: The tubes in this picture on the floor would have originally encased the insulative lagging around the pipes, doubtless removed to determine whether the pipes are copper or not.

BELOW: Infrared view of some of the tunnels - it was pitch black here and it is well worth taking a very good spotlamp with you (I had a million candlepower at my disposal and it still felt very spooky). I couldn't escape the feeling gthat there was someone behind me - there wasn't. Oooerr....

ABOVE: This was remarkably freaky. Look at the middle of the photo where the little puddle of light crosses the floor. We didn't notice this until we came to editing the photos on the computer, but it looks like there are a pair of legs walking away from the camera. So I was being followed. Creepy! This photo is explored in more depth in "Ghosties", elsewhere on the Hellingly section of this website.

ABOVE & BELOW: The end of a corridor and the stairs leading out. A lot of the stairwells continue down to the access tunnels and they are quite a good way of getting around the place quickly.

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