Despite the gap in the dates, there has been masses of stuff going on behind the scenes. I've had to reconstruct a new website about the Kemptown Railway, as the original domain provider Sampa went to the wall at the end of August. The site is now 90% done and there is a separate blog for the progress of this website: follow the link HERE to go to the new Kemptown website

There are some new treks that have been programmed up on the "Places" page on ghost-of. We have been to Stonehouse Lunatic Asylum, The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital and there is now a link for the Pullman Raiway Works as well, as this was the first and best explore we've done to date (for me at least).

I will be gradually introducing "transport buttons" into the websites in order to simplify programming and make te web pages look more professional. This is an ongoing thing, but is being tried and tested (pioneered) on the Kemptown website.

I've been trying to compact pages down as well in order to allow the pages to load as quickly as possible. Again this is a vast task and is ongoing. There are several gigabytes of photos to compress in order to achieve an increase in speed overall, but the results are quite pleasing so far.