We've been on some more treks! There have been 2 more to Hellingly and one to a completely new location: Runwell Hospital in Essex.

As a result, I have spent the last 3 weeks collating and sorting out Panoramas and sorting out and improving pictures from these treks, which is a complicated and highly time consuming process.

I have uploaded the images into 3 new folders in the File Manager, pending production of pages for these treks.

We in the ghost-of team have agreed that we will be returning to Hellingly once a month to chart the progress of the demolition as the place gradually changes over the next 3 years, so what I intend to do is just put a new tab under "places", which will take the viewer to a sub-page and the treks will be listed by date, rather than numbered, as there is so much information available in this context. This will take place over th coming few weeks.